1. Rainy summer Sunday.

  2. Jean Loup is full and safe. Cutie Bengal!

  3. Saturday life in Mckarrent Park

  4. Summer please don’t go!!

  6. I can’t believe that this is the last weekend of the summer.

    For that I just want to play with the las summer light.

    Bye bye summer☀️.

  7. Kissing Spot💭

  8. The Hood

  9. Happy to be back!!
    I love Brooklyn❤️!!

  10. Back in the hood!

  11. Flying back home

  12. Bye bye green grass💚

  13. I will miss u home!

  14. B e a u t y C o l o m b I a!!!!!

  15. C o c o r a - Q u i n d I o